Children are always my best counsellors and motivator.

I am single mum, raised two God-fearing children, daughter 27, married and son, 22, in NUS. I have weathered umpteen times of hardships throughout my 35 years of a working mother, being persecuted at work because of unbelievable politics everyone has to experience these days in office. The best part of me is to inculcate Christian values to my two children from birth till now and spent quality and quantity time with them. It’s so unbelievable, when children were young, they listened to my bible stories. At age 53, I am listening to my son, sharing parables with me or his sermon as encouragement and empowerment messages to me. The MOST best part of me is when my long time church friends give me "THUMBS UP" that I have done well in raising humble children which lead me to think, "Am I as humble as my children?" I am working on this area. Can't beat my children, got to join them to be humble. The best part of me is children are always my "BEST COUNSELLORS and MOTIVATORs". My blissfulness comes from children who m encourage me to do things for my own interest and do not always make so much sacrifices of my time, effort and energy because they are "grown-up" and they feel I should slow down in worrying over their well beings. Mother is always a mother, looking into the interest of children first, before my own interest. I listen, and pause to hear my children’s heart and love for me. Yes, I worked so hard, and always live my life for them and children feel my hard work and tiring bodies. They want me to live life for my own sake. Their encouragement brings me to higher ground of my interest in life-long study expedition.

So I decided, I should venture into counselling. At age 50, I took a diploma in Psychotherapy and am currently in my third year for a part-time degree in counselling. Why counselling? I have a network of people, hearing their problematic and pathetic situations but I feel handicapped to help them journey their problems. So I thought, maybe getting myself equipped with counselling skills, I should be of great help for people whom I wish to get to the core of their problems and journey with them. The best part of me is my traditional mind which is a “MUST” for me to share with children family values of living by good example, eating together, having fellowship, heart to heart talks, be kind, considerate, compassionate, wise as in think before speaking, and hospitable. The best part of me is I am still thinking how to impact lives and light up people’s lives with my counselling skills. The best part of me is I love to speak with love, action is always louder than speech and want my children to carry on
Christine Teng