It was a memory that carved deeply in my heart.

When i was 7 years old, i was being forced to live with my auntie due to not obedient. It was a memory that carved deeply in my heart. Although my parent don't really know what had this action cause to me.Ever since that, i start to become striving for sense of belonging. This has cause me many troubles in life. I have become so easily insecure, always thinking that people would left me behind due to my weakness or thing that i do wrong. An extreme example is i had a group of close friends, all other friends are going to a course which i am unable to go. I start to feeling my sense of belonging is lost. Luckily, as life is a mercy teacher, i have been having chance to learn a lot more about myself that lead me to become able to overcome this habit. By learning about myself, i start to be able to love who i really am and embrace it. This is really important in life as we tend to become those character that community love the most but our true self.
So be yourself and appreciate those ups and down that you have been through in the past as it shaped you who you are now.
Chun Keat Yong