Ciao Jou Cheah

I have faith in you.

The story begin on September 2011, by chance, I attend a walk in interview for the position of Assistant to the Executive Director, and got the job few minutes after I walked out from the company. Since then, it became a place that changed my life forever.
Can’t recalled how many times, I been reprimand for making senseless grammar mistakes. He told me to refer back to my primary school English grammar’s syllabus.
Can’t deny, my terrible mathematics, mere summing up, with calculator, still ridiculously got the wrong amount. He laughed at my ghostly poor math every time.
Can’t blame the environment that I grew up, I was used to speak broken mandarin mixed with dialects. Once in a while, he stopped me while I am talking, “Please repeat your sentences again, with proper Chinese language.” he said.
4 years in a blink of eyes, was handling various corporate projects, liaising with government’s authorities and overseas customers, products’ patent submission, with no fear.
“She is my assistant, she get thing done very fast, good quality of works, and tasks given were piece of cake to her.” He said to the Finance Consultant in one of the meeting.
In year 2015, I am leaving to UK to complete my law degree. I shared with him about my future planning to settle down in Singapore.
“Best wishes, you will meet a good boss, you will have a bigger working desk in Singapore. I have faith in you.” He said.
No one could have known me better, as to how much hard work I put into, to work towards for living a life I have imagined. He knows, there is no better city for me to work and to live other than Singapore. May be because, both of us were grown up to the inspiration of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
The day before I flying off to United Kingdom, he wrote me a message, “Your position are hard to replace, smart and good quality of work.” You will never know how fast these words got me into tears of joy.
In my most demanding and stressful final year, I sent him a message, “What if I fail in my final?”
He replied, “Not possible to fail, you worked so hard already. If you happened to fail, my company have a place for you.” Knowing that someone has your back, there to hold you if you fall. What more can I ask for?
Now, I commenced my career as an In-House Legal Counsel in Singapore. Was having great time working together with excellent people.
“Are you sure you just graduated two months ago? And this is your first job in Singapore? You cope so well! “The lawyer said.
I am very moved that once in your lifetime you can meet a mentor, wander into your life, casually upend things, transforms you and sets you onto a path that is going to finally enable you to be the person you dreamed of being #thebestofyou.
Ciao Jou Cheah