Claire  Teo

Less is sometimes much more.

"There are many things I want to accomplish in this lifetime. But let me start with just being a musical theatre actress. That dream of mine hasn't changed since Unseen: Constellations. If anything, the desire for it has grown stronger. I have been in Lasalle studying performance for a little over a year and it's tiring, mentally and physically, but everytime I get to pick up a script and play the scene in front of a lecturer or director, the feeling is wonderful, indescribable. I feel like i belong there and I never want the moment to end. I will work towards being the female protagonist in world class musicals and plays.

I always had a fascination for nightmares. Why do we have them? I love the way a dream can be so realistic as to wake us up in the middle of the night screaming. I never felt more alive then the times I jumped off the bed or when I was trembling under the covers. My next dream is to create a production or piece of work that will let my audience experience nightmares awake. I want to showcase the reactions of the body when experiencing true terror. I have no plan for how I could possibly make this happen. But I will certainly try. This was something I came up with through explorations of self in classes. But I think it's something worth expanding and using as a framework.

I don't know if I can accomplish them all. They are dreams. But they are dreams worth fighting for. I don't need fame or wealth. Those are merely the icing on the cake. What I seek is the rejuvenating uplift when I stand under the spotlight and when I know I have provided my audience with the experience they will remember for a long long time.

I think greatest lesson I could learn is you can't always get what you want. In the arts, anything can happen and things don't usually go according to your plan A. Sometimes it can be a good thing. Or rather, I have learnt to make my limitations an advantage. The work that can be created within boundaries is incredible. It tests your artistic potential and you produce something raw and individualistic. When we have a pool of funds, we only think of the architectural ability and "What more can I put in". We focus on the materials. With less funds or space, we use the least materials to evoke the same feelings from the audience. "Less sometimes is much more."
Claire Teo