Crystal Au Liang Hua

Love is important in our life.

As a quote says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Everyone has the story, story that encourages us, inspires us and even to touch our heart. But have you ever tried to understand them? I admit that I didn't. I had lost the best of me, for many years. But after 3 years ago, I have always wanted backpacking and drawing. Not to be playful, not to give up the best career, but to discover the best of me.The world it's reality, everyone says so. I am not trying to not to admit that, but I believe LOVE it's important in our lives. So I tried to start experiencing something I never thought I could. First, be brave.

Art and photo capturing are the only way I can try to record every places I go. I love drawing when I was a little child, In my student life, I always wanted to achieve something great, something that I could convince myself to be amazing in my own life. If you ask me what is my ambition in the future, I will only tell you that I want to backpack with my sketchbook all over the world. I do not have a steady life, I do not want a high position or else. I am not finding to be rich, I want to discover myself, another part of me during my journey. So I would like to sketch my journey and people by drawing and remembering them. Because they are precious, beautiful, meaningful and important to me. I came from nothing to have something! I appreciate every single I had during my backpacking.

Someday, you may see I am volunteering services in a poor country and helping children, or I will say HI to you when you pass by my little van and asking me if you could come in and have a coffee together,or you will sleep next to my bed in a guesthouse,or you will see I am having my sweet sketching time on the street or we even will have beers together! In our lives, people may judge who you are, because they don't seem to understand, but you know what you want, you know what you have learnt and experienced. Those are all yours that makes you to who you really are. Achieve it and make it true, Sometimes it's just YOU DON'T, but YOU actually CAN.

I hope to hear your stories someday, and you can become my part of it in my life. Giving each other a really sweet and warm hug! Be weird together and make our moments!

I believe the best of you and me. Always.
Crystal Au Liang Hua