Thank you for being my family.

Thank you for being my family. For cheering me up when I was down. For giving me so much advice when I didn't know what to do. For always believing in me, even though I have failed.

Thank you for bearing with all the noises and crying I did when you were trying to study for your exams during poly. The times you brought me out to your company’s family day to have fun with your friends and for their housewarming party. Once I sat beside you during a bumper car session and I didn’t even make any noise, your friends all said that I was very ‘cool’. Thank you for giving me those fond memories even though it was so troublesome for you. Thank you for buying me my first storybook and reading me bedtime stories at night. For sitting down with me and patiently teaching me ‘han yu pin ying’. For teaching me how to tie my shoelace and for bringing me out every weekend, buying me food and so much stuff I wanted. Thank you for bringing me to the doctors and cooking porridge for me when I was sick. Thank you for all the wonderful birthday gifts and sponsorships for overseas trips. Sorry that you have to put up with my sometimes rude and mindless words. Being kind or patient is certainly not my best trait.

Thank you. For taking care of me all these years like a parent. Thank you for your constructive advice and encouragement to be a better person. I am glad to have you as my gugu forever. :)
Crystal Wang