Crystal Wang

Thank you Ahmah.

I would like to thank my Ahmah for making the best of me.

Thank you Ahmah, for taking care of me throughout my life. When I was a baby, thank you for rocking me to sleep when I could not. (Sorry for the sleepless nights!) Thank you for fetching me from school/the daycare center when my parents weren't free, for cooking lunch for me every day based on the 'menu' I've created, for insisting on speaking to me in Mandarin so that I can be good in my mother tongue. I remember the times when I sat beside you, reading newspaper articles aloud while you were doing laundry and teaching me words that I didn't know along the way.

Thank you for bringing me out during the weekends and holidays. For buying stuff for me when I was whining like an annoying brat. Thank you for taking care of my cousins and I while we were playing together. I'm sure that it's double the work and certainly not easy to deal with a few kids running around all at once. Sorry for climbing around like a monkey and hiding in the toilet when you were chasing me with a cane. It was the easiest way to avoid the caning. :D

Thank you for bringing me to the wet market, teaching me about the various fruits and vegetables and meat. Thank you for letting me into the kitchen and involving me in cooking and prepping. For teaching me cooking techniques, how to use the knife, and allowing me to help you as you cook dinner. I always look forward to chop up the garlic, dredging the pork ribs in flour while you fry them, or whisking eggs for you! Those were my favorite, most enjoyable parts of the day. I guess I owe my love for cooking to you!

And on top of all these, you still had to go marketing, do housework and cook dinner for the whole family every day! There were so many things to do and yet I have never heard you complain before. You taught me to be a hardworking, thrifty and thankful person.

Thank you Ahmah. You truly bring out the best in me. Now it's my turn to take care of you, to fetch you around and cook for you, just like you did when I was little.

I hope you wouldn't forget me anytime soon. :)
Crystal Wang