It all started when I was a very young boy.

What brings out the best of you.

It all started when I was a very young boy. I was raised by my parents and my parents were very helpful and understanding. There are a lot of people who contributed to bring out the best of me. Without them, I will not be who I am today. There were different parts of my life that different people helped. Such examples are my parents, family, friends, the unseen project and my mentors. Now I would like to zoom in to some details. My parents brought me in to this world and made sure I had the care I needed. I enjoy the times when I am with my family and when I am talking to them. It is when I was around in primary school when I met my first friend, Kah Wee. He helped me in all my studies when I needed. Then I met more trustable friends. Until now they are still with me and contactable. They helped me in hard times. Without my friends and families, I will not be able to reach this stage. Then the world starts to get bigger. I am in secondary school. I met people who are different from me. There are sighted people around that helped me in class. Satish, one of my closest friends in class have helped me. My other friends helped me when I was bullied. They were the one who advised me. Then my parents came into the picture as they help me resolved this kind of problems like getting bullied. Then a year later I was introduced to Unseen. I was very happy. They brought my abilities to life. They almost brought the best of me. They let me see who I am I really in reality. There are takes along my way but with everyone that I mentioned brought me through a very interesting journey.

Flash back: I still remember how many people in my CCA really helped me. I have never seen such patient people like them. My CCA, Scouts really thought me a lot. With all my knowledge I learnt from them, I really understood what real life is. They brought some goodness in my life, I will never forget.

These are people who really brought the best of me and make me step out of my comfort zone. These are people whom, I will never forget.

This picture was taken during The Best of You exhibition. I really treasure this moment as it show that everyone is happy. This is copyrighted from an Unseen Facebook post.

Dallon is one of the seven student participants in Artist Alecia Neo's two year long project Unseen: Constellations. One of Dallon's biggest inspiration is Nick Vujicic. Like him, he aspires to be an inspirational speaker to encourage people to overcome the obstacles in their life. Through the art project, Dallon has been working with professional trainer Allen Lim of Conversation Circles on ideas of motivation and inspiration.

His tent features a stage for audience to participate, and a recording of his questions for the audience and his inspirational speech. Read more about the project here: