You are so worthy and loved, you MATTER!

Hi! i just feel like sharing something here so here we go!
2018 has been wild. i've been through ups and downs and shed buckets of tears. Two months ago, i woke up everyday thinking i was better off dead but now i wake up everyday thanking God i'm still alive and well. Funny how things can change right? I cannot list what i've been through one by one but what i can say is, some of them are the ones you hope you'll never have to face in your life. Anyways! I'm writing today is to let people know that they're not alone. We all face our own problems and every one of them has their own ''level of hardness'' but trust in people when they say this, ''everything will be fine''. Yes, you might think that they don't understand your situation because they're not the ones living it. I've been there and i'm glad i listened to what they said and went with the flow. Things do get better, storms do end, the sun really does shine again. You are so worthy and loved, you MATTER! Don't ever let your problems drive you. Don't EVER let your mistakes define you. I've been through literal hell but i'm alive, happy and well today. Things have changed for me in a good way and guess what? the good changes are coming for you too! I'm so proud of you for not giving up, whoever you are, dear fighter! :)