They thrive and flourish where most other plants do not.
Batik on Rayon with Frame
20cm x 20 cm

Beauty and Resilience

The orchid symbolises beauty, hardiness, resilience, the will to think, flourish, and survive. Apart from their alluring beauty and fragrance, orchids are also renowned for their hardiness and resilience. Able to latch themselves onto almost any surface, they thrive and flourish where most other plants do not. I derive inspiration and motivation by looking and beholding this flower. These fine qualities remind me that I should endeavour to always be like them, emulating its essence and redefining my presence.

One important lesson that I have learnt during this incarceration is to have tolerance and patience, develop a positive, happy attitude, thoughts and emotions. To be happy, friendly, free from ill-will, radiate kindness, cheerful, healthy and contented. My aspiration is to live a happy fulfilling and meaningful life. I hope to fit back into society, work hard, contribute, and do more for others.

Just like the orchids, I hope we will emulate its essence and be resilient during this season. May those who are in the healthcare sector, and those who are reaching out and serving others in their own ways, be safe and free from harm and danger. Here I would like to dedicate my love, admiration, praise and respect in appreciation for your good noble works. Thank you, keep it up. You are my angel, my knight and my hero. God bless you.  
*Names have been changed to protect their identity



In partnership with Yellow Ribbon Project, selected artworks created by inmates from Visual Arts Hub (VAH) are showcased to represent the overcoming of adversity, instilling hope and to encourage the community not to give up during uncertain times.

The featured artworks can be adopted by members of the public. All proceeds will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund in support of the rehabilitation of ex-offenders. If you are interested, kindly contact Ms Carol Ho at Carol_HO@yellowribbon.gov.sg for more information.

The Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) is a national public engagement campaign aimed at changing society’s mindset in giving ex-offenders a second chance in life. The community initiative aims to create awareness of the need to give second chances to ex-offenders, generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families in the community, and inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society. 

For more information about YRP, visit their website at https://www.yellowribbon.gov.sg/