Keep on trying and see where life leads you to.

Life...what is life exactly?I have apparently asked myself a million times.Can one truly understand the true definition to life and what it could lead you through?From my is like a maze-its complicated-random at its best.Haven't you thought that maybe,just maybe life is just a game?I did for once.Trust is not a game.You can enjoy it,cherish it and so much more.Life can be stressful,yes but have you ever thought about people such as I,a sportsman?To be more specific a state swimmer and pianist.

People-some-just give up on life because its stressful.To me that's just an excuse.If you compare it with me,I swim about 3 hours everyday,sometimes early in the morning about 4,yeah,I almost forgot,I'm currently 14 years old this year so that means I have to go to school.Early since I'm a prefect of my school.Role calls that I often need to attend first thing in school needs to be attended.Its a must.My school is kind of famous.SMK Bukit Jambul...maybe you heard of it?If you don't well this is what you need to know.Its a high performance school.Which means my studies have to be well maintain......exactly like my training lessons.It is stressful.Don't forget I'm only 14.The only things that kept me going are my friends and parents.They encourage me to go forward.This part is especially for you guys.When my marks were getting worse,my friends would help me in my studies.When I'm feeling down,my parents would comfort me.I usually need to stay back in school for some activities until 4:30p.m..I have training at 5:00p.m..Even though its tiring,I'm still capable in finshing my homework and do my revisions enough for me to maintain my position in class.Nonetheless,I'm still here.I didn't give up on life.If I didn't why would you?Remember this,life isn't fair.That's why you keep on trying and see where life leads you to.
Darriel Goh