Daryl Dee Teo

Bless Inc Asia.

When I embarked on the journey to create Bless Inc Asia, it was never just about me.

Bless Inc Asia was created to have a larger purpose in its existence. The reason for our existence lies here. Bless was created for the people. It is not about the general public, but for the people who come and work with us – the people who came and went, the people who stayed with us, and the people who are looking to join the family.

Bless Inc Asia is dedicated to everyone who joined our family, whether they are interns, part-timers, or full-time team members; the people who dedicate eight hours of their waking moment to us every day, sometimes more.

Bless Inc Asia was created for the sole purpose of empowering each one of them to fulfill what’s fundamentally important to them. To some people, coming to work is a job, a job that people take on to pay the bills, and to make a living. Bless Inc Asia is more than just that, it is about making a life.

Bless Inc Asia is dedicated to the team members. It is about them, about their families, about their dreams, and about what is important to them in their life. We care about what they want to accomplish out of their time spent with us, whether it’s just one month or two years.

In the three years since we started this incredible journey, we have met many people. Some came and went, some stayed for a while, some longer than others, and some who didn’t even made it past the interviews. For everyone who joined our family, we try our best to fit them into the job.

We took chances, gave opportunities, and commit to each other to make it work. Many have walked through this door. Some made it, some didn’t. Whatever the reason may be, we are grateful to each and every one of them, every encounter made us better and stronger.

So, what’s different about us then? The difference is that we are not just about making money. The difference is that we care for the people who work with us. They are people, not just employees. The difference is we constantly challenge one another, we champion one another, we support each other in our endeavours, and not just professionally, but fundamentally as people too. We push the limit, demanding nothing but the best from every one, and we instill in every one that we should not accept lesser than what we are truly capable of. We don’t just give jobs to people, we teach them how to do the jobs, but most of all, we teach values.

Bless Inc Asia is made up of many people, past and present. THE BLESS OF YOU are, “Yunicorn” Jaimie Chen, Hazel Ang, Sufern, Sarah May, Serene Lim, Onn Jia Min, Alethea Fu, Karen Chen, Charmaine (she left so fast, I don’t even know her last name), Felicia Yeo, Rosalind Yip, Messiah Gay (yeah, that’s his name), May, Rebecca Teo, Benny Chua, Jacqueline Lui, Tessa Mendez, Eileen Chan, Joy Fong, Samantha De Mello, Tan Ning Xi, Christina Ong, Janessa Wong, Pamela Ng, Gigi Yap, Sharmaine Khoo, Gabriel Q Chan and Bryan Tan.

Thank you, each and every one of you for all the valuable lessons, for your contributions, for your hard work, for the laughter, for the tears, and most of all, for the love. You are the reason we exist, to do what we do, and do it great! It is because of you, that we continue to explore, probe and challenge ourselves.

We do what it takes, to get the job done. We don’t do what is easy or convenient, to achieve the results we want. This is the DNA of Bless Inc Asia, and of every Bless family member.

Thank you for making Bless your home for the season.

Daryl Dee Teo

Founder of Bless Inc Asia Private Limited
Daryl Dee Teo