Debbie Moore

One extra chromosome changed the world I lived in.

My Blessing In Disguise

Arman was born on the 13th February 2002. He came into our lives a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Weighing in at only 2.05kg with a few medical complications, he spent his first 42 days of life in the NICU.

During my pregnancy, I planned and created a dream world for the newest addition to our family. Arman was going to be a prince and stand tall and proud. Within one minute of giving birth, those plans changed, or so I thought; changed by one extra chromosome , enough to change the world in which I lived.

The first few months after Arman's birth... there was a whirlwind of emotions. I felt guilt and confusion like most parents experience when discovering they have a special needs child. I also wondered why and what I did wrong.

Arman has opened my eyes to a whole new world, one that without him I would have never known.

The world is scary enough as it is, we can control our home environment but not what is outside. Because of the one extra chromosome I have learnt to be more patient and have discovered the true meaning of love.

Arman is the embodiment of love in the true sense of the word; he does not understand the meaning or know what it's like to hate. My world is definitely a better place.

I know I still have my prince, not the one I thought I would have, better than that, Arman is the most amazing young man. I have a one in eight hundred hero who is special in his own right. I count it as a blessing to be the one chosen to be called Arman's mother.
Without a doubt... Arman is The Best Of Me.

Debbie Moore