Dennis Liew Kai Mun

To Dennis, the best of him is his belief in God.

Dennis has been doodling and drawing since he was 5 years old. Although his parents did not encourage his interest in art, his passion and love for it won their hearts in the end.

He was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the tender age of 7. His parents noticed something amiss with him when he was 3 years old. However, due to a lack of awareness and information of Asperger’s, they didn’t know what was wrong with their son.

He graduated from Curtin University with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design when he was just 22 years old. Despite being rejected by his peers and society at large due to his unique behavioural habits and skills. He overcame all these obstacles to follow his dream and passion.

Dennis’ work has been exhibited in many different exhibitions and events such as the Nukilan Jiwaku Art Exhibition, International Art Expo Exhibition, United Voice Gallery, and a number of other distinguished exhibitions. A unique characteristic of Dennis is that he paints with Chinese ink and watercolours on rice paper although he also paints on canvas using acrylic. Besides, painting, Dennis also loves photography and singing.

Dennis draws inspiration for his work from God and nature. His faith in God has helped him journey through life with hope and determination especially as he pursues his dream of becoming an artist.

To Dennis, the best of him is his belief in God. His walk with God has enabled him to walk the rough patches in his life with positivity, and he is happy with where he is at now. Indeed, he is able to give his best to his passion because of the assurance he has in God.
I was rebellious since young because I felt like I could take good care of myself. Also, I love staying out late at night, which would make my parents worry. I always go against my parents' will just to get what I want. However, something hit me that got me to realise what I have been taking advantage of.

I met with a bicycle accident in May 2015. This was the worse tragedy that happened to me. It was at 3 am at Kranji Resort. My intention was just to explore and sightsee how Singapore looked like at night. However, my parents were half-hearted to let me go. I went against them no matter what.

As I was cycling down a long slope, I thought I could make it. Halfway down, I lost control of my bicycle and I got panicked. It didn't occur to me to even brake. I swerved to the left and I tried to scream to alert my friend who was in front. Unfortunately, I bang onto him, flew out of my bicycle and slid on the ground with my face flat. It all happened in a spilt second. I got up and found blood all over my face. I didn't know how bad I looked. All I knew was I was very traumatized and couldn't even talk. In my mind, all I could think of is what would my parents say and how would they react. Thank You Ya Allah SWT for kind strangers who called for an ambulance and brought me to the nearest hospital to get me cleaned up. I had 4 broken teeth, 1 stitch on my nose bridge, 6 stitches on my upper lip, water clotting on my forehead, bruises all over my face and abrasions on my knees. I was discharged the same morning and was told to stay at home until I'd recovered.
Dennis Liew Kai Mun