Denvin Laude

It's weird but she's a fun person.

The most influential person I have in my life is my mum. She is an outgoing person, she’s a really capable and independent woman. She can mostly handle everything in our daily life and I think she’s a role model for me because she can look at things from two different perspectives so she does not only see things from the good side, but also from the bad side of certain issues. She made me learn how to be open-minded for everything. She also taught me her experience, telling me which one to follow and which one to not follow as her child.

I usually spend a lot of time with her when I am home, or when I finish school. Thus, we don’t really have any specific special time together but it’s because we always spend time together. When I was studying in Hong Kong for the past four years, I usually don’t see her for about 3 to 4 months. But usually when we meet, she will always welcome me with a big hug and say, “Welcome back”.

I think I inherited her craziness. But I’m a little more composed than her. Usually when I hang out with my friends, my mum will ask me, “Can I hang out with you guys?” Of course I cannot say no. So she always ends up hanging out with my friends and me. It is quite awkward for my friends but they always end up getting along. My mum can even make jokes that my friends can laugh about. It’s weird but she’s a fun person.

She knows how to adapt to society, and she knows how to make people her friends even though her method may be quite rough. For example, she can mock people when they first met each other. There was once she hung out with me and my group of friends. One of them had very small eyes. When she first met him, she asked him “How can you see with such small eyes? It’s like the piggy bank coin slot.” Well she meant it as a joke, as a friend, not for enemies and stuff like that so my friends will laugh at her joke. Overall, she’s a fun person.

Despite her craziness, she had made me a reliable and dependable man. As I am the only son in the family, she has lots of hopes for me. She wants to me become mature, she needs me to be able to live independently, have a good career, and she hopes for the best for me.
Denvin Laude