A tribute to Maria Tan Geook Chye.

Today I just received news that you have 1-2 weeks more to live because your liver is failing and this is really heart-breaking. When my cousins and I were young, you gave us free tuition weekly to help us in Math even though you were also swamped with your work when you were a teacher at Raffles Girls' Secondary School. You brought us out for movies, allowed us sleepovers at your place, taught us to fix jigsaw puzzles and bought us gifts on our birthdays and Christmas.
You gave me advice about teaching as a career and when I took teaching as a career, you guided me during my practicum. I remember going to Crescent Girls' Secondary where you were teaching at that time to ask for pointers from you. Once again, you readily availed your time to guide me in my lesson plans and gave me tips on teaching Math.
In 2009, when my mum (your sister) was not well, you accompanied her to the doctors and when grandma was unwell, you ensured that she was well taken care of. You have always been the person in our family looking out for everyone and caring for everyone.
You have been such a blessing to everyone in our family!
Your legacy will leave on in your former students in RGS, Commonwealth Secondary and Crescent Girls' Secondary as well in my life as I continue to mould the next generation of leaders. A tribute to Maria Tan Geok Chye.
Derrick Hoi