Dian Hadiyanti

Set a dream as high as you can.

Dian's Experience as Expat in Kuala Lumpur

Since Senior High School, I want to study aboard. It's because study aboard is something amazing things to do in life I think and also of course it will bring you to another life experience.
But, in university I just took double degree in Bali and Malaysia. So, my first foot step in Malaysia when I held my graduation ceremony. It's one of the best memories I have. After graduation, I keep the dream to work over sea. I set myself as an professional worker in foreign country, and here I am in Malaysia. Suddenly, I got offer as E-commerce Executive in Kuala Lumpur, after accident submit work in Bandung regency. hahaha

I was blessed with a lot of love around me. I am so lucky..

Set a dream as high as you can, you don't know maybe all your dream to be come true ! :)

Cheers !
Dian Hadiyanti