Dini Noordin

And they also deserve to be respected.

No one can tell for sure how many migrant workers we actually have in Malaysia. Even the authorities and individual officials offer their own variable numbers, not so much because they have something to hide from the public but simply because no one knows exactly how many of them are here.

Many of our economic sectors are excessively dependent on foreign workers. When the government froze the import of new foreign workers, some local factories had to wind up. Unfortunately it is next to impossible for Malaysians to go without these people.

The causes to the influx of foreign workers is because local workers prefer to work in the office, take employment in the comfortable environment like air conditioned factories and offices. Moreover they prefer easier jobs, unlike working in construction which requires longer working hours.

I'm a civil engineering student. I already had the engineering survey practical, construction project and also the engineering ethics safety and environment. We had to do assessment under the hot sun and my skin becomes more darker. Moreover, this is really tiring work and need more man power.

But this is my passion, nothing can stop me and there is no reason for me to quit even though I'm a woman. Hence, I understand the feeling working under the hot sun with sweats, makes my skin uneven and dry.

Therefore, we should respect the foreign workers even though we do not have the same skin colour, religion, lifestyle and traditions. We all are the same human and they also deserve to be respected.
Dini Noordin