Dare to dream.

I think my true and meaningful life started during my matriculation time.I met many friends from every states in Malaysia which led me to the right the right path. I was very thankful when I met this girl.She inspired me in every way started from the first time I met her. The way she talked and her body language showed that she could change me into a better person. It was true.Since that day,my life has changed.I found a light in the darkness. She thought me when I feel lost,try getting back to the God.Be close to Him.Follow His rule and I'll be happy to the end of my life.I started follow her way.She became my role model.I always said to myself,"If she can do it, then I also can do it". And until now,I am still trying to be a better person and always be happy as I can.That's what I can do to appreciate her.
"Dare to dream.God will never lead you wrong".
Thank you.
Diyana Kamarudin