Edmund Chew

He has gotten intangible rewards from his loved ones.

"An elderly man shops in a gift shop on several occasions. Through the action of giving, he has gotten intangible rewards from his loved ones."

A piece inspired by my Uncle and his family. He, with my Aunt stayed in Singapore while his Son is currently living abroad. They typically meet once a year, usually during the Chinese New Year period. In recent years, my cousin got married and had his first child, which is none other than Harvey. They try to have some family time online weekly so that Harvey gets to know and remember his grandparents.

A few months back, I saw my Uncle hugging Harvey while he strolled around the house during my CNY visits. Those moments were heartwarming given the fact that my Uncle only became a Granddad in his 80s.

The most enjoyable moment while creating this short film was having them playing the same roles that they are in reality. Other than that, Harvey is my most beloved nephew so I hope to share his cuteness through the screen.

This film was supported by 'I Love Sales SG' and 'Firefly Photography'. Permission was granted to submit this film.
Edmund Chew