Eefang Ooi

If you never fail, how should you know the way to success?

In life, there are ups and downs. People know it but most of us could not accept at the moment when the downs really come to us. That's why there are people who choose to run away or escape from the reality. For me, committing suicide is a way to avoid from facing the problems. But in fact, if you never fail, how should you know the way to success? If you never falls, how you learn to climb? If your life is so so plain from beginning to the end, it's just like a plain A4 paper and what is the meaning and definition to your life? Failures are impressive lessons that taught you lessons, you may not remember the moment that you won something or succeeded but you'll not forget the time when you fell so hard and the pain that you suffered from because the feelings reminded you to become stronger and a better person. So, if today you are upset about your work, frustrated on your study, being discriminated for whom you are, or suffered from a pain/disease, why not appreciate the chance for you to grow up? The sun will shine again after the storm, so what you do is to go on no matter what!
The best of you brought by failures. Keep fighting!

每个人都知道人生总有起起落落, 但当面对挫折的那一刻, 许多人会选择逃避现实。自杀就是一个不想面对的举动。假如没有失败又怎能知道如何成功? 没有跌倒怎么学习爬起来? 若许你的人生从开始到结束都一帆风顺, 不过如此, 那样有何意义可言呢? 你或许不记得你风光或成功的时刻, 但你一定不会忘记那些你跌的最痛的时候, 因为那些伤痛成就了一个更好的你。所以, 面临工作压力的你,有着课业烦恼的你, 被歧视的你, 在人生低潮的你, 请好好珍惜这个让你更强的机会。要记得, 暴风雨后你定会重见阳光, 所以请继续你的人生旅程。
Eefang Ooi