Eefang Ooi

Let us create a more peaceful world of social media!

Cyberbullying is one of the issue that needs concern as we can read from the news, suicide cases are on the rise and are among the youngsters. Some of them are the victim of cyberbullying who did not have get any encourgement or comfort at the critical moment they needed.
I have a friend who experienced such case in her university life. Her boyfriend double parked and left his phone number in the car before heading to the class. Not long later, there was a guy who called and started to scold rude words for blocking his car. He quickly went and moved away his car with apologise. However, the person scolded him again without any manners. Eventually, my friend and her boyfriend managed to ignore them and left.
But the story never just end there, the guy who is known as a gangster head in the uni found out my friend and my boyfriend's facebook and started public accuse directly towards them. After that, there are more and more posts in the uni's confession page scolding bad things about them. Almost every university has a confession page which is a platform created for the students to confess about things that they dare not to say because this is a posting without disclosing their names but many people misused it to be irresponsible on what they say there. My friend and her boyfriend had been through a hard time and her boyfriend had apologised public on facebook. My friend told me about it and seek for my opinion. I advised her not to do anything and ignore. From this incident, I know how powerful is the combination of language and social media can affect someone's emotional deeply.

Last year, I went to Taiwan university for an exchange programme and got to know about Taiwan has a famous platform called BBS which is something like Facebook. I was recommended to watch a local movie called 乡民的正义 about how social network and cyberbullying kills a girl. Cyberbullying is a word that appears in recent years due to the rapidly growth of social media's use. More accurately it is the increase of misuse of social media. Of course, the victims of cyberbullying has to be stronger but why shouldn't we say that the people should be mercier on commenting and using social media by taking care of other's feeling and standing in their shoes.

Words and language can be helpful or hurting. We should be more wisely on using them. Let us create a more peaceful world of social media! Yea, from you, you and you!
Eefang Ooi