Eefang Ooi

True love shall be no boundaries.

When we talk about one culture, the first comes to mind is race especially for us who are living in a multi-racial country. However, slowly I realised the issues of religion count too.

When I was in secondary school, there is a pair of couple whom in everyone's sight they are borne to be together. Unfortunately, after 5 years they went through they broke up for the reason of different religion and they can't compromise to overcome the issue. There is a friend of mine who wished to change his religion but got rejected by the family. What he did was hiding everything from his family and he really felt hard to resolve this matter as he did not want to argue with his family. He loves them.
Similar thing happens in my uni life too. One of my friend in university also gone through few times of quarrel with the family even being asked by the parents to leave the family. I felt really sad when listening to it.

Everyone has their own beliefs and religion. In my opinion, a belief is there to provide one to stay strong and live peacefully in the life which is full of obstacles. Nevertheless, how many couples had broken up due to religious matter? How many families had gone through hard times because of similar issue?

Although this issue may be sensitive or offending people, I share this is to tell people that everyone of us shall be granted with the right to choose. Even if you do not agree with the freedom rules, you'll hope somebody that you love and appreciate to live happily right? True love shall be no boundaries. So let' be happy for life because you only live once. Don't make yourself regret :)
Eefang Ooi