From that moment, I had lost my only hero.

AYAH. it is just a simple word but bring a thousand meaning to everybody. i lost him when i was 15. its happened in a blink of an eye. a night before he collapsed, we went through a few conversation and he went out to warung with my mother. while waiting for my mother, i asked him where did he want to go and he replied me by saying "going to kubur to find a place" and then he laughed. i joked with him "okay,do tell me where did u want us to bury u and i will make it". he said "make sure u placed me near the abah's kubur and i had reserve the place." we laughed together and he kissed me on my forehead and remind me about many thing. i started to felt weird because he was rarely do the things. i kissed his hand & said "adik sayang ayah" and watched them go. he waved to me and smile broadly. around 9 pm, i got a called from my father's assistant saying that my father fainted while doing his job and they will pick me up. i felt like the time had stopped. my world has reach to the end. i quickly called my siblings and told them what has happened. so when i reached the place, i can see ambulance and lot of people there. i pushed all of them and sit by my father's side. i can see how hard it was for my father to breath but he still smiled to me and put his hand on my face and trying to wipe away the tears. at the hospital, the doctors tried their best to save my dad,but Allah loves him the most. the doctors said that is no chances or possibility that my father can live longer. around the ICU, all the crowd are my dad's friends. all of them look sad and some of them were crying. i went to the ward and told my dad "ayah, semua kawan2 ayah ada kat luar, mereka tunggu ayah bangun." sadly, only the machine's sound answer me. we prayed all the night, didn't sleep just to see our only hero. being a hero in family, he is truly a hero because he survived his life for another night. at last, the time had come. when the doctor took off the oxygen mask , i heard a long beep sound. and i know, from that moment i had lost my only hero. i managed to put him near his abah. Dear ayah, i didn't have any chances to repay all your kindness. i would like to say thank you for everything u had scarified for us. your loves, advises, your words would always in my heart. no words can express my love towards you,En Fadir Abd Aziz. adik sayang ayah dan adik sentiasa rindu ayah. Guys, please appreciate your parents. there is no any replacement. they are our paradise ;)
Effa Zalifah