Her biggest struggle are people's judgements.

Oh Siew May’s speech is slurred and her movements are restricted from a condition called cerebral palsy, but more than her physical impairment, her biggest struggle are people’s judgements.

Suffering through discrimination, bullying, impatience and unacceptance, Siew May fought her way through school and poverty to support herself and her family.

She is now an author, a mountain climber and an employee of Bollywood veggies. Siew May travels four hours a day to and from work, to look after a vegetable stall and sell copies of her book at Bollywood Veggies in Singapore’s beautiful countryside.

Despite earning a modest salary, Siew May gives back to donating a portion of her book proceeds to Cerebral Palsy bursaries.

Siew May teaches us that no matter what obstacles we face, we can always overcome them with determination and love.

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