Every child is one caring adult away from a success story.

Sometimes in the middle of my work, I would pause and observe the things around me. My office which faces the sea, the staff pass,my lunchbox. And I asked myself "How did I arrive to this?". I am blessed with a job I love, became independent enough to feed myself, able to work well even under pressure. It was'nt always that easy. I had abusive childhood and it was just a miracle that I came out of it because I had never imagine surviving through it. Along the journey towards recovery, I had met people people who came in my life and went. Some made me grow into a better person while others saw the situation and took advantage of it or hurled insults and labels on me. But among these people who came and went, I met Vi. She made me realise that saying "always here for you" is not just a phrase you say to make someone feel better for that brief moment. It is a commitment to journey through the ups and down with the person even though they make mustakes or don't see eye to eye with you. There is so much I discovered about life with Vi and I stopped asking why this or that had to happen to me .Despite the uneventful years in my life,it led me to meeting a selfless friend with a big heart caring for the fatherless and others in distress. It took me many years to get back on my feet,build myself up and be the resilient women that I am today. I feel that our journey is a testimony of how something beautiful can come out from a painful situation. One step at a time,Vi continues to inspire others with the notion that "Every child is one caring adult away from a success story".
Eisdan Fox