A greater light is ahead of you and never give up.

I am Emelyn , I've been through a lot of experiences & problems within these few years. First of all, I've been working as a worker at the sandwich cafe for 9 months and then I have many problems with the Nepalist worker so I quited and moved to Penang I found a very nice working place and I was a exclusive jewelry apprentice. But after a few months I felt the working environment is not suitable with me so I told my boss and she understand the fact I have an allergy to the place so then I worked another place in one well known hospital call Gleneagle medical center , for 3 months passed my colleagues seems to be backstabbing me for the reason the patients comments said my working services is excellent. I felt so down and depressed so I quited the job. In a few months later suddenly my dad had a heart disease and rushed to the hospital stayed for 2 weeks. So we planned to move back to Kuching (my hometown) and without any warning my father had a mile stroke and rushed to the hospital again .I felt I was going to lose my dad but a slight hopes he recovered . So ever since then , I found a really nice job at LB Photography as a sale executive. From the moment I realized I finally found a stable job and I have many great guidance such as my boss and my seniors. I have found a great path no matter how many struggles and people you faced . In the end, a greater light is ahead of you and never give up. Be the Best!
Emelyn Tan