Emily Fam

Blessing in disguise

Amidst this covid-19 pandemic, our usual lifestyles has been changed tremendously.
Whether we like it or not, social distancing will be displayed as a crucial role in every occasion. Hence, what I have realised is the daily reminder for me to spread the act of kindness from time to time.
Here goes:
1) Be kind
2) Pray always
3)Put Family first
4)Love myself more, practise self-love
5) Think out of the box, be creative!
6) Don't be afraid to be different.
7) Personal development is crucial.
8) God loves you and I.
9)Focus on what you are good at.
10)Be mindful of what I said.
11) Think before I do.
12) Forgive and Forget.
13) Be confident!
Emily Fam