Eng  Hui Peng

I once was lost, but now I am found.

I used to be a very emotional person, easily panic and cried whenever bad things happened. For example, I even cried when I could not find my things during critical time. This is all because of the lack of inner security in my heart. Since primary school, l had been backstabbed and hurt by friends. As I grew up, l always quarrel and fight with my brothers and also being very rebellious such as talking back to my mum during my secondary school time. My parents were busying working and did not have time to care us much. All these incidents made me to close up myself and became even more introvert. I hated my life and I felt alone and so worthless. I became very pessimistic and even thought of committing suicide. But I did not hurt myself at the end as I did not want to make my parents sad. Life continues but I have no direction in my life and so I continue study in university, UTHM. There, I found my faith in Christianity and I found myself. I felt loved by God and my housemates and I learnt a lot of great things. I found love, hope, joy, peace and security deep in my heart. All my wounds and hurts are all healed as I learnt to forgive those who hurt me. I found my life purpose and I knew I am the master and owner of everything I have, including my emotion. Thus, my emotion becomes stable like never before as I become so much secure and know who l am from inside out. Now, I am thankful for everything I have, I accept all of myself, always strive to become a better person and I hold on hope no matter what happens. I once was lost, but now I am found. This is the best of me. So everyone please do not lose hope in life as everything is possible if you believe and you can be the best of you :-)
Eng Hui Peng