What do I love.

Oh wow.
I dont have much things to write tho, talking bout personality im more into ambivert kind of person. I dont really talk much, if i do talk it must have been the topic that im interested in.
Instead, I'll talk on the stuff that i do. Im basically a fulltime artist that paint for a living. started in 2006 getting serious in 2010.
Escapeva is my pseudonym, branding, representative in creative work also stands for the lil company i registered ( Escape Visual Art )
just to make business easy.
What do i love,
paint pointless thing
paint things i like
paint whatever came across in my mind

I dont plan my life to be an artist, not even think that i could sustain with it. It's a tough road at first, the baby steps. There's no certain acknowledgement that tells you're a successful artist, this is what my thought is still up until today. I do collaborate with plenty of brands, in projects & campaign and i know that's how people measure a success, but to me I enjoy more things I painted around the city in hidden places, the care free kind of feeling.
Painting a wall is great, I like to see the colors, mixing it, see what does my mind can throw it up on the wall, create a story with it.
To me, money is the needs to survive. I dont want to stick with painting a wall for money, if i have a choice I would like to paint everyday and having unlimited supply rather than finding sum cash, but that's not how life is. Maybe some people dream to be rich, I just want to enjoy the moment. I'll just makesure i've had enough financially, which is why i do commissioned wall, so that it could sustain the things that i chased.
travelling, making merchandises, having my own studio, paintings & all the life material.

Making art does help me with my perception & thinking, it molds me. I think you can be weird with it, but my advice is if ever any of you wants to be an artist. makesure you'll look all the circumstances. it's 10% pure hapiness 90% struggle thats how i look at it. You gona deal with plenty of frustration, failure, depression before you get the juice out of it. I called it pure hapiness cos the joy is rarely found, but it can be the best thing ever happened.

well, this is how I felt at the moment. I know, it supposed to be the story of success but what Im trying to point out is.
most of the time, the universe are looking at the final outcome, but the process itself is beautiful. Im telling the truth behind the career i have, cos all the surface and highlights u can view it on my website.


Thank you for having me with The Best of You 2016. :)
Escapeva Kis