Farah Diba

A nurse in Singapore

I have been hesitating to post about this incident that has been bothering me for the past few months. Many of us feel defined by our jobs, striving to add value while extracting a sense of purpose and satisfaction from what we do.Imagine how you’d feel if you were unexpectedly told to pack your belongings, as you were no longer required at work? What came in as an initial shock to me was soon confirmed by a series of unfortunate events. At that point of time, I asked myself if it was just our bad luck? Soon we got overwhelmed with negative thoughts & completely lost our self-confidence and hope. We was lost and didn't know where to start picking up the pieces to move forward. There was no security and certainty. We were all left stranded. I had to mentally prepare myself to be the solebreadwinner till my husband gets back to nursing which NEVER HAPPENED TILL TODAY. Several reason and excuses for not employing him BUT whats the real reason? Too Many foreingers taking over our places to begin with ? We just will never get the answer no matter how hard we fought. I had to go to work daily with the though running all over my mind. Will i be able to cope? How will i pay my bills? How will i pay my loan? What will we eat? If my husband is depressed? Will he be rejected all over again?
Everyday was full of challenges and emotional pressure for the both of us. I had to sort out my finances & go all out to find extra income, to work extra just to make ends meet. It felt like somebody had knocked me off balance and I needed to get hold of my control levers again as quickly as I could. At this present moment, We are trying hard to get into the right mind-set to switch on to the next phase of my life. He has applied for a position to most of the nursing institutiions in jobstreets and guess what happened?
When we track back again , all they reply we got was "NOT SUITABLE FOR THE POSITION". BUT WHY?
Some Reasons Being- "We need a female Nurse, We need a staff Nurse, We need someone who can administer medication and draw bloods" So what do Male enrolled Nurses Like my husbands do??? Desperate for money to pay up bank loans before we got chase out our own home, he decided to work in Cheers as a cashier for a$900 monthly pay. DO WE NURSES IN SINGAPORE DESERVE THIS?
Studied hard to graduate from a nursing school and end up being a cashier in Cheers! Has Life become this Miserable? When will this come to a END?
Farah Diba