Fe  Cabungcang

I feel very happy being in Singapore.

Actually we are foreigners here. My husband has been working here for about 20 years already. We applied to be Permanent Residents some time ago and then our whole family came here. After being PR for 5 years, we applied to be citizens and now we are Singaporeans. I am living here with my family and I have 3 children. My husband and I are both working. I work in the sales area, and he works as an engineer.We came to Singapore primarily because of work, but my husband found Singapore very safe too. It is also easy to communicate with people as most people here speak English. Singapore also adopts Asian culture and thus, we find that it is also easy to get along with the people here. Before coming to Singapore, my husband worked in Saudi Arabia and it was quite difficult, so in comparison, Singapore is really good.I feel very happy being in Singapore as the standard of living is high and the society is also clean and safe. As I have young children, I can be very comfortable with them coming back late.My eldest child is now 15 years old. When I am not working, I stay at home and spend my time picking up my 2 younger boys, who are now primary 6, from school.My eldest daughter was born in the Philippines whereas my 2 boys were born in Singapore.Because of the change in society, there are now a lot of differences between the children now and children of our era. I think it’s mainly because of social media, they can learn something there. In the past, we really follow our parents, we listen to what they say. For them, they are very sensible and self-confident. For example, sometimes I tell my daughter, “Please don’t keep going out.” She’ll reply, “Why not?” It’s quite difficult for us as a parent, but we have to adjust. I’ll just advise her and make sure that she’s not doing bad things outside, and also avoid joining bad company. Also, we encourage them to finish their studies, so that’s the most important thing for now.
Fe Cabungcang