Bringer of Victory.

A few years ago, I held a research coordinator job and found myself feeling unsatisfied with my work and myself. As a Psychology graduate, I’ve always had the passion to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately, my job did not provide such opportunities and my passion was left unfulfilled. This led me to begin crafting jewellery as a hobby and a personal form of therapy during this time.

To me, jewellery crafting and design is a similar process to playing with Lego, something I have been fond of since I was a child. The process of combining different materials to create something new with functional and aesthetic value was simple yet empowering. I enjoy being completely engaged in the endless ways different bits can fit together and temporarily stepping away from the noisy world. Many of my jewellery pieces involve natural raw semi-precious stones with various healing properties. The designs also reflect an inspiration from nature and various cultures.

As my passion grew, I decided to dedicate my time fully on jewellery and founded my online store, Secret Clovers. Having always seen myself as a scientifically-inclined academic, no one was more surprised than I am by my new creative venture. Through participating in street markets around Singapore, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people who share similar appreciation of handcrafts and natural stones.

Jewellery crafting continues to be a heartfelt process in which I can channel my passion and energy, but has also evolved to be one of my most serious endeavours. It has motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and to create my dream job. I believe that each of us has multiple passions and that there are more than one way to explore them. I am thankful for being able to fulfil one of mine and hope to always have faith that everything will work out.

The present jewellery collection is named Phereneki which stands for ‘Bringer of Victory’ in Greek. In this series, materials of earthy and dull metallic hues were used as the common theme, namely unpolished metal-coated quartz crystals and raw brass chain.
Fiona Tse