G. Madhuvannan

Life has a way of beating us when we are down.

Life has a way of beating us when we are down. And just when we think we cannot fall any lower, we get beaten again. Whether we manage to pursue happiness in the daily struggle of life is largely dependant on our ability to stand firm without ever giving up. That is how winning is done. If you know what you are worth, then go out and get what you are worth. But you must be willing to take the hits and not blaming others because of your lost.

I joined Seberang Flour Mill as the production engineer two weeks ago. I have zero knowledge in the milling process. But that does not pushed me down or stop me from learning the process. I have been studying, revising all the materials needed for my job scope, correcting my mistakes and all these efforts bring me to one objective. Developing and becoming a better person from day by day. Furthermore, I strongly believe that practical or hands-on training is also prominent not only for providing valuable work experience but also for sharpening the skills that I have acquired from my university life. I enjoyed working in the plant even though getting myself dirty all the time. After all, the flour dust on my body cannot be compared with the satisfaction that I attained with my working colleagues.

In addition, my definition of an engineer is a person who improvises both structured (ex: machines and etc) and non-structured matters (ex: process flow, safety and etc) with a purpose to sustain a good quality of life. Therefore, I have my utmost respect on the efforts shown by the head millers, the millers, the assistant millers and others to maintain a smooth and a continuous process flow in the plant. I am also doing my very best to improve my communication skills with them.

Apart from that, I realize that everyone has their unique skills and talents. But without strong teamwork, one would not be able to showcase his or her skills and talent. Thus this will lead to failure in accomplishing goals - both individual and group goals.

My group members especially my production manager and my production executive have been guiding me very well in attempt to unveil the potential inside me. I am thankful to my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to work together with them; joining the weekly meeting etc., and most of all, thanks the management giving me an opportunity to express myself through my writing.

Good working environment with strong Leadership who cares and willing to guide and mentor people makes "The Best of You"
G. Madhuvannan