My readers brings out the best of me.

I launched the Zen Pencils website in 2012, with the crazy and somewhat unrealistic goal to turn my lifelong passion of drawing comics into a new career. The concept of the site, 'Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks', was to turn famous words from people I admire into fun comic stories. Not only has the website unbelievably now become a full-time job, the comics and quotes have brought together a community of people from all over the world looking for the same thing I was, to turn their passion into a meaningful career path.

Now I share my readers stories every month, like Singaporean Aden Ng, who, with the help of Zen Pencils, has overcome a battle with depression and bipolar disorder and is now focusing on writing fiction stories. I never would have thought that comics could have that effect on people, let alone MY comics. Hearing these stories not only allows readers to connect and relate with others just like them, it also makes me want to continue to create myself and make even better comics. My readers bring out the best of me.