Gavin  Yang

We often take the many blessings that we have for granted.

We often take the many blessings that we have for granted. Our home, our families, our education and the list goes on; we don’t pause to consider how fortunate we are. The Best of You movement has brought that to light and caused me to be more aware of the people around their needs and me. The Jubilee50k is another movement that started in my church (Trinity Christian Centre), where individuals become a blessing to others and post it on social media platforms to transform our world. Here are two of the posts that I have been involved with:

“While waiting for a friend at Nex yesterday, I was approached by an elderly man who asked for directions to the bus interchange. He was pushing a wheelchair and seemed really tired from walking. I then offered to wheel him to the interchange and got him up the bus as well. I was glad that I had the opportunity to bless this uncle!“

“A reminder of being blessed to be a blessing. A homeless man approached us and asked if we could buy him a meal. We struggled for a while but eventually took that step of faith to bless this man, and I'm glad that we did. (: Goes to show that no matter where you are, God can use you as a channel of blessing! And we were blessed too! Had a good deal on our pre-paid cards that we got off T-Mobile.”

In essence, I have changed as a person through these movements. I learnt to see the needs around me and knowing that I can make someone else’s day a little better, by putting a smile on their face.
Gavin Yang