I'm really honored to have you all in the team.

I am so grateful for this team of people who bring The Best Of You to different primary to secondary schools in Singapore. No matter rain or shine, waking up at 5am in the morning for our early shows; you all did it with a wonderful spirit. And because of you, students and teachers get to enjoy every show and the meaning of appreciation is being received.

Thank you for your being so good in your craft...thank you for giving your best...thank you for the magic on stage...thank you for the teamwork...thank you for all the fun and laughter! Thank you for being so excellent and all the wonderful memories we had. Crazy costume changes, props, wig...no wig...mics...no mics...lol~ The gasps, the laughter, the applause, the cheers from the audiences - they all belong to you.

I'm really honored to have you all in the team. Benjamin, Crystal, Erina, Gina, Hao Boon, Jasyika, Jocelyn, Lingying and Timothy...*Thank you.* <3
Gemia Foo