It looks like the best version of you.

Dear Andrea, I am so so proud of you. In a short span of time, you have brought yourself to a whole new place. You are so brave in embracing your journey at every turn. I admire your courage to brave new things from surroundings, to people, to communities, to work...everything! Have you seen how much you have achieved? I am so proud of you and I so want you to tell the whole world your journey so you can inspire them too. For now, I will tell my side of the story - I appreciate those times where I'm a mess, you were there without judgement... I appreciate yours cheers and sharing. And those times where we missed the "point" and got angry at each other...but still, we worked out. From important appointments to plain nonsense...from surprises to heartaches...I love how we hear each other. Thanks for the support and friendship my awesome AWESOME friend. You are the BEST. Kids...what does a best friend looks like when you grow up? It looks like the best version of you.
Gemia Foo