You're the best ahma I can ever ask God for.

Hi Ahma!

Thank you for being such a cute and caring grandma in my life! ❤︎
Thank you for always being around me since I was young, bringing me back to your house after school, as my parents were both working.
I remember that sometimes my late ahgong would come along as well and we could have a car ride back.
I know you definitely miss him but you've never shown your weak side.
To me, you're always so strong, even physically, like how you will go to the market to buy ingredients and cook dinner for our family every weekday.

Every time you brought me to the market with you, I could always hide behind you because I'm like forever shy.
I would laugh because I was too shy to talk and you will kinda tease me along with the stall owners. 😝

I know as I grow older, often things such as going over for dinner, might be taken for granted.
I might not be the best grandchild you have but I'll try.
I believe you know my love language to you. (Treating you like a small girl. Hehe. Touch touch your cheeks. Pat pat your head.)
You made my first overseas trip with you full of joy. When I watch the videos and photos I took of you, I can't help but laugh and miss it.
You're the best ahma I can ever ask God for.

I hope you will always stay so strong, your strength be not abated, your eyes not grow dim.
I pray you will live long and let me pour love back to you. (^-^)
Gina Wang