Gina Wang

She does not really know how to express her love.

I want to thank my mum for supporting me in whatever I do or want to do.
My mindset is that I want to do the things that I like and want to achieve good in that area.
I'm glad my mum didn't refuse me from going to NAFA to pursue Theatre, as I loved acting, even though I was already in poly for a year. (I went to audition for it secretly and only told my mum after I got the news that I was accepted.)

About my mum, she's not the type whom I can just hug randomly (she's pretty awkward about it, which makes me awkward too) or talk about personal stuff to. You can say we're not THAT close. But through these years, I do know she loves me. I used to feel super jealous about people who are close to their mum and I can't. Now, I don't really feel that way. But of course I do hope one day I can hug my mum without the awkwardness and say "I love you" in her face.

She does not really know how to express her love. I realised she does it in a more, monetary way? She doesn't complain that I don't have a proper job (I do freelance but pretty much just starting out). She would give me money for no reason (usually I would reject unless I really need it).When I said I wanted to do epi-lasik, she agreed too despite it was not really cheap.

When I invited my family to watch my show in school for the first time, she asked my relatives to come too (I was like noooo). And when she knows I was going to appear in a show on TV, she would tell my relatives too. I just feel her support and it touches me.

I feel I owe her so much and really thank her for bringing me up.
All mothers are different.
My mum is special to me.
One & only (:
Gina Wang