Nobody wants to be far away from their family.

Nobody wants to be far away to there family. Everybody wants to there family completely. But despite the hardship in life, sometimes there is no choice but to leave them behind. Working abroad was the first option for me.

August 20, 2011, I arrived here in Singapore with a baggage full of problems, and feared the kind of life that I was going to face here. I stayed in the given accommodation for training and medical exams. I passed subsequently.

I started working at my employer’s house on August 27. My ma’am was just pregnant with her first child, and now they had already 2 kids that I look after and take care of everyday. I love them like my own, even though that made me long for my own son.

I have nothing bad to say about my employer’s family. They really treat me well. They even brought me for my breast operation when I was sick. When I was struggling with personal difficulties and homesickness, my ma'am was there to talk to me and gave me some advice. I was so happy and thankful that they're my employers because even though I came as a stranger, they treat me as part of their family.

While the year passed, I didn’t have problems with my job. The only problem was my husband. My employer never scolds me, but I get scolded by my husband. Not once but every time whenever we talk over the phone. The reason? That I never called him. Truth is, he was the one who never answered when I called.

Because of that, I seldom talk or hear my son’s voice because my husband said he is often not at home. Despite knowing that I was going to call, it repeats every single occasion. He is only nice to me when he need money. I patiently understood him and tried not to quarrel back because I don't want him to stress and worry about me, even though he always make me stress too.

December 2013, I went back to the Philippines. I was so happy and excited because finally I can see my family. To be with them, especially my son and husband, even if it's just a few days. But...the happiness that I've felt only lasted for one day. Because the day later, I found out that my husband, had another woman. I pretended that I was happy even I really wanted to cry. My heart was really broken and I asked myself, “Why?”

I built a house for them and provided for them every month. Called them often and yet I never complained to them, how tired I am. That was the only way I know that I can give them a better life faster. It’s really hard but I kept myself calm and controlled my anger for the sake of my son because I don't want him to get affected. He was still small. But before I left, I gave my husband a chance, but...few months later, he did it again like what he did before.

After all that I've been through, there's one good thing that happened in my life aside from having a good employer. And that's when I found Aidha and become one of their students. Within 18 months of learning Finance and Technology, and also Entrepreneurship, I've learned a lot from them.

For me, Aidha taught us beyond the courses that they've offered. Because they're not only teaching us on how to manage finances, how to use computer and how to be a businesswoman.. They also built our confidence to be more higher.. And they turn our weaknesses into strength. And most of all, they give us more spirit to face the ever changing world.

December 13, 2015, I joined the Migrant Poetry Competition here in Singapore. I become one of shortlisted finalist. Then, I got a short documentary filming after that competition.

What I've achieved in Aidha was part of the content. And that's why I write a thank you poem to Aidha before the graduation came. Because of them, my life and myself had a great change, had become better and grown.

Aidha is truly great and amazing!

That's all and thank you! I hope you enjoy reading my life story
Glory Ann Balista