Hafiz Danial

Please have hope, please stay strong and please stay you.

I've always believed in living my life to the fullest, whether it being having fun and making memories or standing up for something I believe in. My journey has been long and harsh despite only being 18 years old but I make it my daily mission to seize the day with no regrets and to help at least one person everyday.
I've been bullied,beaten, depressed, partially disabled and even suicidal. Throughout primary school I was bullied for being fat and shy which i know now that most kids go through this and end up bullying someone else but I decided to help anyone being bullied and stand up for the underdogs. In secondary school, I went to one of the cruellest schools our country has to offer and I was beaten and broken consistently and mercilessly. With that, I learnt how to fight back and so I did but I ensured that I never sought violence as well as never ran from it. I felt the burdens of the whole world on my shoulders and it ate me from the inside which was destructive to my mental health which ultimately leads to me suffering from depression. Though I couldn't bring myself out of that deep dark pit of despair, I smiled to everyone, did what needed to be done and helped anyone I could along the way. As if life couldn't get any worse, I had injured my back severely that doctors told me that I may not be able to walk again, I kept my hopes high and prayers in my heart and by the grace of god, I'm walking perfectly fine today. Lastly, I had reached a point where life had beaten me down too many times and too relentlessly that i gave up. I gave up on hope, I gave up on faith, I gave up optimism but most importantly, I gave up on life. In In May 2016 I attempted to take my own life. Amazingly, I survived because people found me and brought me to the hospital in the nick of time.
Now the reason why I'm sharing all this is that I want anyone out there who feels this way that there is hope. That life gets better. That there is someone out there who knows exactly how you feel. I did and I still do. I care and we all should. Please have hope, please stay strong and please stay you.
With much love,
Hafiz Danial