My husband is my best friend.

True best friend will always be by our side through thick and thin and in both good times and bad. We can share our burdens and happiness with best friends and they will always be there to help us. Besides our own family members, we need friends to share out thoughts with and at times we can motivate and encourage each other.

My husband is my best friend, a person that I can share everything with and he is always there for me to lend a hand when I needed it most. So, it is very important that we develop good friends in our work place and also in our neighborhood so that there will always be someone whom we can share together with and build mutual trust and confidence - good team work environment.

In any marriage, every couple would always desire to have a family with children around them. We have gone through several experience but I was unable to conceive. My husband always advised me to stay calm and cheerful and assured me every time that we will in the future have our own baby. I am so delighted to have such a caring husband who is also my best friend.

Women, because of our biological body, will always be affected emotionally and also feeling indifference with bad mood... I am so glad that my husband understands my situations and he is always calm and patience with me... this I feel is "The Best of You"