His actions shows the extent of a Father's love.

When I was younger, I was a good kid. Or that was what everyone said, when compared with my younger sister. There was a point in time where she used to run away from home and I would have no idea where she would have been. Where was a child of 12 years going to stay without a roof over her head? Where would she get enough money to eat? This went on for several months.

However, as time passed, the worry I had grew lesser. Being 5 years older, I felt that since that was the life she chose, why did I have to disrupt my life for her sake? I still had my own life to live.

On the other hand, from day 1, my dad kept going out looking for her any chance he got. Off days, weekends, after work, before work, even taking leave to look for her. He spent countless hours driving around her usual haunts as well as new places, peering around dark alleys and combing HDB blocks around the country. He found her many times, rarely at the same location. Sometimes she ran away when she saw him, sometimes she came home (and ran away again). I was amazed at how he managed it to do it.

Fast forward 9 years, thinking back, I realized that my dad's actions were essential, not only to her, she has become very filial, but to me as well. My friends have asked me if I feel upset that he seems more biased towards her. I don't think so. Like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible, his actions shows the extent of a fathers love and I will always thank him for teaching me that.
Hannah Wong