Don't be afraid, don't be nervous.

Hi, to those who just started their college or university life, don't be afraid, don't be nervous. Try new things, meet new people, meet a lot of people to be exact, you'll really benefit from it. Some of those people you meet either will learn from you or let you learn from them. And yes you'll change and you'll change a lot, well it depends the kind of people you meet anyway. Lucky for me, i met someone who really inspired me to be better and i really did! Always strive to be the best or don't even try at all. I started working hard, working harder than i ever did before, never in my life have i ever worked so hard for anything to be honest. At one point, i almost broke down in tears and even thought of giving up even though i just started college for only 3 months. If it wasn't for my friends, my parents and most importantly my beloved girlfriend, i would've given up halfway through and become the person i used to be, and that's not how it should happen. To sum it all up, the message i'm trying to give out here is never ever give up and don't let the bad things in life get the best of you. Thank You.
Heng Sin Jun