Life is beautiful mysterious exploration that consists all taste.

Hi everyone of blessed ,Peace be upon you! Life is beautiful mysterious exploration that consists all taste.We born..then grow up in planet called earth..knowing or unknowingly we subjected to every list of task,then when we called(like on not) to origin place we say goodbye to everything and move on. In this circle, But certain Failure most to attempt we fall down or sadness worries kill us.Did we realize what is take?For me i was in good fairly i life ,doing when but when 2002 a topsy turvy in my patient in every trials or patient that my doctor called me for routine checkup for my diagnosis ESRF (EndStageRenalFailure)Till surviving,hardknock all give to move in in this concrete battle of life with simple and faith belief in creator hand.Looking something but don't know where to feel good but don't keen to way of finding.But when the Hop0e is alive miracles always happen.When every little act is Love,there are way to proceed and move on. Love and passion in music...In Music i hear the divinity voice and my inner voice intimate and combine with beautiful melodies bending in black key and white keys but bonding gorgeous melodies.When doubt arose faith increase,when hate attempt conquering anyhow love bloom...When down with worries,sadness, joy becoming nearer..when life moving in darkness..there a light appear but most of despair is biggest wave hits around the hope still alive with trusting in Divine Providence.But sometime sacrifice,pain,failure with little thing and following nature giving the best result...Just smiling at myself with words of comfort "What a beautiful exploration of life that more and more to explore and a powerful jokes of life itself. Still vibration of learning to be a student in every knowledge echoing in myself..hmm money in have a pleasure of life,seed of service to others and silent in the most time.To share is care but its in right time and right way is process then only its hightlighed.But only one thing sure-what i need ned in the present..need to do now as nothing is our hand in future even the trouble.As walking in this journey in each of different mode,and character,bring happines to ourself and Be YourSelf.It still will continue every drop of Believe and Hope..At last answering what we do to bring others in the LOVe way...even in difficult time.. Still walking my path as only a 100 mysterious left....God Bless!
Herald Samy Nathan