Music and books are a major part of my life.

Music and books have been in my life as far as I can remember…

I first learnt what music was, the moment I was put in the percussion band in my school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read music notes – so I played by memory. Imagine memorising over 5-6 songs.

I bought my first cassette tape. It was Spice Girls. The second was Backstreet Boys. The third one – you’ll never guess what it was. The Grasshoppers.

I went around with a book and headphones in my ears everywhere. The thing that classmates remember the most about me was that I would be reading a book during every single break and on the train. Nancy Drew and the famous five took me into various lands of mysteries. I could finish 6 books in a week.

I discovered music videos and I used to record those I liked a lot - mostly with dancing - on tape.

Then CDs came around, and I discovered more bands - Taiwanese, HK, and Western, among other genres. My favourite bands were Savage Garden and 98 Degrees.

The internet came - so much more undiscovered music! Exposed to Japan rock/visual kei (x Japan!), western rock (LINKIN PARK!), rap (JAY CHOU! Mayday!) and also Kpop!!

Basically you could say that over the years, I basically went from one genre to another (no EDM for me!).

You may say that I need to plug in my ears, and have a book to accompany me as a friend. I guess that music and books are a major part of my life. They were my friends throughout. They also led me to discover RDF and travelling, which enriched my life even further.