How I met my girlfriend.

Hello, My name Is Toh Hua Hau. Most people call me Charlie. Today the story i'm going to tell you about how i meet my girlfriend. And from there i found alot of thing i didn't know from the other side of malaysia. Because she is from Sarawak and she if half chinese half bidayuh . It started from when i meet her through tinder. After a few weeks i finally get to meet her. From there we talk about each other alot. I have so much fun talking to her. I learn so many thing from her, for example thier culture, lifestyle and many more. Her family are very lovely. I'm really am grateful that i have meet her. Even though we just been together for 3 month+ but it felt like we have been together for like 3 years already. We Share so many moment together. I'm really happy that i met her. It make me the happiest man alive. I Really Love Her From The Bottom Of My Heart. I will cherish her forever. I will make her the happiest women in the world. <3<3<3
Hua Hau Toh