Hui Chien

Being a mother is definitely not simple.

I have two daughters. I love them both so much and I do my best to take care of them. Being a mother is definitely not simple. Working, keeping house in order, taking care of my kids, this requires organization, some planning, a few deep breath and a lots of letting go.

Every morning, I wake my daughter up to get her ready for school. Sometimes, I will prepare lunch box for her to bring along to school. I usually make sandwiches or toaster pastry. Then, I will kiss my younger little sleepy girl rosy cheek without notice by her. My husband will carry her like a sleeping beauty to his car and drop her off to babysitter.
After work, my husband and I will take turn to pick our kids back home from babysitter. We have dinner together after shower. After that, I help my daughter go over her homework and make sure she done it all neatly and correctly. While for my youngest daughter, she plays in her room. Sometimes, she will push play on the DVD player listening to kids’ songs or watching cartoons. “Disney- Sofia the First” is one of her favorite disc.

Before going to bed, I will read them stories. Sometimes, I make a switch and ask them to tell me stories.

During my leisure time especially on weekend, I like baking. My kids help me to make cakes, cookies, bread, pizza etc. They like to put chocolate topping or fruits (strawberry is a must) on top of the cakes for decoration. Although it is quite messy but this really makes me have fun with them. It is always cherish and enjoy.

I wish my kids will always know how much I love them, and that they walk through the rest of their life knowing I will always be there for them anyway, anytime.
Hui Chien