The best in life certainly includes the gastronomical.

2 things can be said to be Singapore’s national pastimes – food and shopping. Food is more than fodder that feeds us. Since time immemorial, our acts of communion are mediated through comestibles. The word “convivial” derives from the Latin convivium for feast, which is in turn derived from con-vivere, which means to live together – living together necessarily means dining together. “Let’s meet up for a meal,” becomes the equivalent of spending time together.

The painting depicts the dinner crowd at Teppei, a popular restaurant at Orchid Hotel with a months long waiting list, longer than some Michellin starred restaurants – a testament to the Singaporean love for food. The best in life certainly includes the gastronomical. It is my belief that the best of you can also be frequently witnessed over the dining table, where we share stories and offer our love and support with our presences.
Huiting Pan